Valid Eval makes it easy to manage complex group evaluations in a way that builds trust in the process and support for your program.

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First, we develop a robust rubric—a scoring guide that reflects your intent and success metrics; evaluative criteria and definitions for those criteria; and a scoring strategy. Valid Eval rubrics are built in consultation with domain experts to ensure that evaluation criteria are relevant and easy to understand.

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Once the rubric is loaded into the system, judges log on to find an intuitive interface that guides them through a series of scoring dimensions. Valid Eval automatically assigns evaluators based on the relevance of their expertise.

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Heat maps and data visualizations display detailed information, including relative performance and areas of evaluator agreement and disagreement. Valid Eval documents carefully considered expert opinions, produces auditable records, and packages detailed feedback and practical suggestions for applicants.

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The right process can be a powerful catalyst for positive change. The direction of that change is up to you.

    mission comment
    “What Valid Eval helped us do was develop a rubric where you can get 10 people to review these proposals today and then 10 different people to review them tomorrow, and you'll probably come out with the same decision.
    DoD program manager