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Contested resources are a fact of life. Contested outcomes are a sign that people aren't getting enough information. Valid Eval reveals the hows and whys behind evaluators' judgments and conclusions. Decisions and outcomes are demonstrably fair and defensible, so people are assured they can trust the process.

In fact, Valid Eval establishes a “trust chain.” Everything—from the commander's intent and rubric design, through the evaluation and decision-making user experiences, record-keeping features, and feedback delivery—is designed to ensure data integrity and preserve forensic evidence of the right outcome. No other solution enables absolute transparency and accountability, which are essential to a program everyone can believe in. When people can see how the system works, they know that it works. And a trusted process is a successful process.

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Rubrics ensure that every participant and stakeholder can

see exactly how each decision was made or will be made.

    mission comment
    The evidence that we can show a contracting officer or our lawyers as to how we made a decision is just as strong, if not stronger, than traditional, lengthy written reviews.
    DoD program manager