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Whatever your objective may be, data, in context, is how you understand the progress you're making and explain that progress to others. How well is your program performing? Are you on the right track? Valid Eval measures it so you can manage it.

It starts with the rubric, which can be designed to codify mission alignment and commander's intent in the form of evaluation criteria. Reporting features translate data into information, yielding actionable insights. And detailed, actionable feedback educates applicants and improves re-attacks, turning “No” into “Next time,…”—and improving the likelihood of an eventual match with your needs. In short, Valid Eval gives you powerful tools to measure performance, track improvement, and demonstrate mission alignment. And proof of operational excellence and successful execution build support for your program.

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Audit-ready records consolidate and document expert opinions,

increasing accountability and confidence in decisions.

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    I appreciate the ability to delve into the analytics—to rationalize decisions, to have defensible decisions—and at the same time to distill it all down to a more simplified form.”
    DoD program manager