Evaluating the relative merits of competing proposals and technologies is an important—and often difficult—job. Valid Eval is ideally suited to the needs of program managers at all levels of government, including the DoD. It's purpose-built to address familiar pain points.

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When it comes to explaining and defending outcomes, the buck stops with you. So we offer a transparent, evidence-based evaluation process that promotes accountability and increases confidence in decisions.

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Volunteer judges have limited time and patience, so we provide an efficient and enjoyable user experience that requires no training, relieves cognitive load, and enables asynchronous workflows.

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Stakeholders expect results and demand wise use of taxpayer dollars, so Valid Eval arms you with the data you need to demonstrate mission alignment and measure progress toward organizational goals.

No more spreadsheet-wrangling. No more arm-twisting. No more “black boxes.” Just rapid, rigorous decision making that accelerates your time to innovation.

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    “I don't know of another company focused solely on delivering excellence in this space.
    DoD program manager